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Yoga for female Fertility

Yoga for female Fertility


The most powerful effect of Yoga practice on a person's fertility is through calming, restorative effects on the mind and body. A quiet, stable mind and body promotes fertility.
In addition to stress relief, Yoga has effects by improving the blood circulation, affecting the nervous system, improving the mobility of organs, improving the hormone release, causing muscle stretching and relaxation and also by affecting the mind and the way of thinking.
We will go through various Yogic Asanas (exercises) and find out, how it helps both for male and for the female fertility.

Yoga for female Fertility:-

  1. Vipareethathrikonasanam:The pelvis get tilted in this asana. The pelvic organs get good excercise from this. The internal organs like uterus, tubes, ovaries gets mobilized in the asanas, where pelvic movement is involved.
  2. Veerbandhasanam:-The spine gets stretched and helps in affecting the nervous supply. This can improve nerve supply to ovary & help ovulation.  
  3. Padmasanam:-The posture helps in compressing ovaries towards the inner pelvic wall and stimulates it for ovulation.
  4. Vajrasanam:-Here the heels are pressing on to the area, where the pudendal vessels and nerves are passing. The structures provide nerve supply to the perineum, which is the main arousal site in females during intercourse. This is also good for hemorrhoids (piles) which can have associated dilated veins near the uterus also.Ardha
  5. Matsyendrasanam:-The pelvic tilt causes massaging effect to the uterus, tubes and ovaries The various problems in the uterus like tumuors (fibroids), polyps, endometriosis can be prevented. The insufficient inner lining (endometrium) is a cause for failure for implantation of embryo (sticking of newborn fetus) even after IVF. The improvement of lining will help better implantation and pregnancy rates. The main mechanism is by improved Vascularity.
  6. Ardha Salabhasanam:-When the legs are stretched upwards, nervous stretching helps in calming down the nerves, to improve fertility.
  7. Dhanurasanam:- The body is being bent like a bow .The ovaries get freed from minor adhesions by the forceful stretch.
  8. Navasanam:-The complete blood circulation is pooled in pelvis in this particular posture and helps all the organs by washing away all toxins and supplying all the immune factors, hormones, vitamins and minerals.
  9. Shada parivartanasanam:-The pelvic tilt in this asana helps similar way as above asanas to internal organs.
  10. Pavanamukthasanam:-The compresson of legs to the abdomen, will help to squeeze insulin from pancreas and thus avoid or even cure diabetes. Diabetes is closely related to PCOS, which will get cured. This also avoids obesity due to better metabolism.
  11. Pranayamam:-This is the master of all the yogic excercises. This helps in reducing the stress and thus improve the fertility. It even improves the desire to have a baby as per studies done in Harvard University. The breathing is controlled voluntarily and is supposed to calm the mind by slow and controlled breathing.

Authored by Dr. Anitha Mani - Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

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