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Have A Baby On Your Own With The Help Of IUI Treatment

Date :05-Apr-2017

With infertility affecting more than 10% of the couples today, various infertility treatments and procedures have been developed. Intrauterine insemination (IUI), is such an infertility treatment procedure. Here, sperm collected from the male partner is artificially injected into the female reproductive system for fertilization to take place.


Our lifestyle along with other environmental factors threaten the very existence of our future generation with conditions like infertility and other diseases. While there are many infertility treatment techniques used today, IUI is relatively simple, less invasive and cost-effective, making it affordable to the larger section of the society.

Scope of IUI
IUI is mostly used in cases of sperm count or mobility irregularities in men. Women suffering from endometriosis, diseases of fallopian tubes and with pelvic infection history are not recommended for this treatment.


IUI is effective in the following cases: –

  • In cases of ejaculation dysfunction
  • When sperm entry into cervix is hindered due to cervical scar tissues
  • Cervical mucus irregularities or other hostile cervical conditions
  • For treating unexplained infertility

IUI Procedure
The goal of IUI is to increase the count of sperm that reaches the fallopian tubes, to increase the probability for fertilization. The procedure gives the sperm a head start but fertilization should occur naturally.


The initial process in treatment with IUI is to induce ovulation in women by administering ovary-stimulating medications. The women are then carefully monitored to detect the maturity of eggs. Once the egg is matured, Intra Uterine Insemination is done at a time coinciding with ovulation.

The procedure of IUI involves the collection of sperm from seminal fluid and inserting it directly into the womb, with the help of a catheter. This ensures the maximum number of sperm in the uterus, effectively increasing the probability of conception.

The procedure is completed within minutes and does not cause any particular discomfort. The success rate depends on the age of patients, use of fertility drugs and the reasons for infertility.

Gyno IVF Centre, GIFT, based in Kochi offers updated and advanced treatment for infertility. The center offers IVF, IUI, ICSI and other latest treatment options.


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