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Enhancing Female Fertility With The Help Of Yoga

Date :05-May-2017

The power of mind is often underestimated in modern medicine. A calm destressed mind and a relaxed body has wonderful healing powers which is a proven fact. How else do some people recuperate from serious, life threatening diseases and others getting the same treatment, succumb to it.


Yoga for female fertility is based on the concept of healing through a relaxed mind and body. In such stressful time as the present, where lifestyle and stress has imprisoned us behind the bars of various diseases, infertility is a common issue.
Though all infertility cases cannot be treated and cured with yoga, many of them can be and for others, yoga lays down the path for recovery. Treatments become effective due to a more responsive mind and body.

Different Yoga Techniques For Improved Female Fertility
Some yoga asanas that contribute to better fertility and reproductive health are as follows: –

  • Pranayama
    The master of all yoga techniques, pranayama deals with controlled breathing techniques, creating an oxygen surplus for the body. It calms and relaxes the mind and body thereby improving health and fertility.
  • Padmasana
    Stimulates ovulation as the posture compresses the ovaries to pelvic walls.
  • Vipareethathrikonasana
    Increases the flexibility and mobilises the pelvic area and reproductive organs

  • Veerbhandasana
    Stretches spine to refresh the spine and thereby the nervous system
  • Vajrasana
    This particular posture helps in curing nerve dilations near the uterus which leads to infertility
  • Ardha matsyendrasanam
    The pelvic tilt in the posture provides a massaging effect for ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Navasanam
    This posture help in more blood pooling at the pelvic area and removes toxins while providing mineral, hormones and immune factors.
  • Pavanamuktasanam
    This asana increases the supply of insulin preventing diabetes and the probability for infertility disorders like PCOS.
  • Dhanurasanam
    This posture helps in removing adhesions of ovary or pelvic area if any.

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