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Get insight into What and How Donor Egg process is carried out

Date :19-Sep-2017

Donor eggs are the good option for the women having problems in getting pregnant. Donor eggs are coupled with male sperm to fertilize and develop embryos. Later, the embryos are placed into women uterus to further development. This process is performed with the help of IVF technology.

Donor eggs provide an opportunity to infertile women to get pregnant and have the child.

Donor eggs are also considered as an option when:

  • Ovarian reserve is reduced 
  • Premature menopause  
  • To lessen the chances of passing genetic diseases to child

A woman may go for an extensive medical testing before receiving donor eggs as it is important to ensure that woman has a capacity to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Same, the egg donor is also undergoing intensive medical testing to show compatibility with receiving women medical condition. The whole process also provides counseling to receiver couple to understand the whole process.
The egg donor process includes following steps:

  • Fertility medications are provided to the donor woman to stimulate the multiple eggs development  
  • Receiver woman also takes hormones to prepare her uterus to accept the embryo  
  • Matured eggs are retrieved from the donor’s ovaries
  • Eggs are fertilized with sperm and allowed to mature in the laboratory conditions
  • Mature embryos are placed into receiving woman uterus
  • Receiver woman also takes hormones to support the uterus lining
    IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with the help of donor eggs is a boon for infertile women. Donor eggs help infertile women to deliver a healthy baby. There are many donor eggs banks available that provide frozen eggs and people can buy eggs from there. Egg banks allow a donor to perform screening process and start a medicated cycle to retrieve her eggs and frozen those eggs for the use of a recipient couple.
    GIFT-Gyno IVF Centre, Ernakulum provides the facility of donor eggs. The clinic is one of the best infertility treatment centers in Kerala. The center has a team of experienced and trained doctors.

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