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Women’s Day Offer – Diet & Fitness Program For Women Health

Date :24-Mar-2018

Infertility, not only the word, the condition is prevalent around the globe. Especially in India, parenthood is given more importance. From the day of conception till delivery, the women are taken care by her parents and in-laws. Every woman anticipates pregnancy soon after marriage, but sometimes it becomes difficult to conceive. The reason behind this may be mental and physical unfitness. On this wonderful women’s day, Gift – Gyno Specialty Hospital presents a Diet & Fitness program for women health.
Gift – Gyno Specialty Hospital” was established in 2003 by U.K. returned doctor couple, Dr. Mani & Dr. Anitha Mani to treat infertility cases, like high-risk pregnancy care and laparoscopic surgeries. They introduced IVF, ICSI (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) in ART lab in the year 2007 along with Dr. Arun Gudi as a full-time embryologist.


Besides ART methods, yoga practice, nutritional food, benefits all women in a huge way. By keeping it in mind, SATYA (Svasthya Ayurveda Treatment Yoga & Agriculture) conducts a Complete “Diet & Fitness” Program for women health. This program encompasses Yoga, Kalari, Zumba, and Nutrition Dept.
Yoga practice creates calm and restorative effects on the body and mind and also promotes fertility and good health. Apart from them, Yoga improves blood circulation, promotes the nervous system, improves organs mobility, promotes the release of the hormone, and causes muscle stretching & relaxation.
The postures of yoga such as Padmasana, Vajrayana, Dhanursanam, Pavanamukthasanam, Veerbandhasanam particularly in women helps to remove toxins, supply all nutrients to the body, and improve ovulation and fertilization and avoid diabetes.
A balanced diet with whole cereals, milk, rice, vegetables, and fruits improves a woman’s general health and helps to fight against all ailments. A fertility food supports the body in its reproductive activities and fortified foods help for hormonal function, fetal development, egg health, etc.
Kalari is a martial art and Zumba is a kind of dance which would directly impact the organs of the body, reduces overweight and paves to a healthy life.

Don’t miss this opportunity…… For registration, please contact SATYA, Near Cochin International Airport Junction, Athani.

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