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What You Eat, You Become !: Tackling Male Infertility

Date :29-Jun-2018

The story of India’s population explosion is known to all but what about the quarter of population longing to have a child of their own? The rise of infertility is on the go with millions getting affected each year in India.

A couple comes under the category of being infertile when not able to get pregnant despite having timed unprotected sex for at least a year or so. There is 50:50 chance that either of the partners may be the cause of infertility. External factors are also a reason.
Causes of male infertility: 

  • Oligospermia: low sperm concentration
  • Asthenospermia: poor sperm motility
  • Teratospermia: abnormal sperm morphology

What are sperms made of anyway?
The answer is simple- male reproductive cell is made up of fat, protein, sugar and DNA.
Just eat right
Eat your veggies: Nutrients and antioxidants protect sperm and can increase count, motility and DNA integrity.
The yellows and oranges: Consumption of carotene-rich vegetables results in a higher sperm count in males. These including beta-carotene are converted to Vitamin A in our body. Carrots and mangoes are rich in vitamin A which improves the quality and quantity of sperms. Pumpkins are vitamin E, fatty acid and zinc rich sources which contain phytosterols which are known to improve testosterone production.
No occasions complete for a Malayali without bananas- snacks, main dishes, and desserts. If you are low on stamina, eating vitamin B rich bananas might be of good use. These contain an enzyme called bromelain which increases the male libido.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) rich sources like Strawberries, Pineapple, Oranges, and Kiwi protects sperm against a number of internal and external toxins.Allicin in garlic improves the blood flow to the male sexual organs thus increasing sperm volume.
The reds: Vegetables like tomatoes which contain lycopene are found to increase the quantity of the abnormally shaped sperms.
The greens: Leafy veggies (eg spinach), legumes (eg beans) and vegetables(eg beets) are sources of folic acid (vitamin B9) enables the body to replicate and repair DNA. Consumption of these decreases the rate of chromosomal abnormalities in sperms.
What happens if there’s a deficiency in folate?

  • Sperms tend to have distorted shape – dual head and tail
  •  Less mobile 
  • A high risk of birth defects

Fertility Diet
Oats, yogurt , peas are rich sources of zinc which functions as a building block and aids in the synthesis of folate.
The inclusion of fish in your diet: With a vast coastal zone Keralites have nothing to worry about when it comes to seafood like Shrimp, Oysters, Rainbow Trout, Salmon which are rich in Vitamin E. Consumption of sea cod oils (pills/gummies) are alternatives.
Get cracking: Eggs come under protein and Vitamin E rich foods which are easily available in the market. These protect the sperm cells from the harmful effects of free radicals which may kill them.
Mushrooms, Seafood, meat are rich in Selenium. In men, hormonal signals for sperm production are interrupted by an increase in prolactin, a result of the poor functioning of the thyroid. The antioxidant property of the selenium helps it survive longer.
Overdosing on vitamins and nutrients will not add additional benefits for your health or your fertility. Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium particularly can be toxic in high quantities.
Protein and cholesterol-rich foods: Prefer plant-based proteins to animal-based proteins. Testosterones are made up of cholesterols so the inclusion of a balanced fat and cholesterol diet is ideal.

Omega-3s contains DHA fatty acids, these are essential for sperm production and testicle health.
High-quality coconut oil can be used as part of your daily fertility diet.
Good carbs vs bad carbs: This is the part where we go all racial on foodstuffs. All right, avoid the whites (mostly) – white sugar, white rice, white bread and go for the browns- white rice, wheat products and so on.
Gorging on dark chocolates, nuts, meat, dairy products and so on, improves the quality of your sperm and increases the intensity of your orgasms.
At the end of the day, it’s all about following these 3 steps: staying happy, exercising and keeping your weight in control. The above-mentioned food chart can be referred to increase fertility in males. To know more about the diet for infertility and related treatments contact Gyno IVF center.
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