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Advanced treatment for infertility

Date :16-Nov-2019

When a  young couple gets married  and want to start a family, they don’t  expect that  things can go wrong with the joyous experience of becoming a parent. Only those who have experienced infertility can understand the anguish and pain of coming to terms with the fact that they cannot have children.

infertility treatment

Complex reasons leave some of these couples with no other option except to totally abandon the idea of parenthood. But progress in technology has given a ray of hope to them with several medical treatments that could give such couples a better chance for realizing their dream.

The advent of laparoscopic surgery has been a blessing for women suffering from painful periods due to endometriosis, absence of ovulation due to PCOS, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. Advances in laparoscopic surgery has made it  possible that today a large cyst is removed and tomorrow patient can go back to work and resume the normal life, completely pain free.

Sexual disorders in men are now easily treatable with modern medicines and procedures. Problems like Azoospermia, (no measurable level of sperm in semen) can be remedied and a man can become father through ICSI after Testicular Aspiration of Sperms (TESA). IVF or In Vitro Fertilization has meant that even women without ovaries are able to conceive with donated eggs through this procedure. All the options listed above are offered at Gift IVF Centre (Cochin, Bangalore).
 Dr. Anitha Mani and Dr. S. Mani, along with a competent team work diligently to make every story have a happy ending.  Our motto is to bring happiness and  joy of being a parent into the life of infertile couples .

Blog Reviewed By: Dr Anitha Mani
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