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Are you really ready for a baby?

Date :25-Mar-2020

"When are you going to have kids? This is one of the cliche questions that most couples will have to face. Sometimes, these frequent enquiries from your families and friends can put you in a serious dilemma and pressure you to conceive a baby, even if you are not ready. Let's have a look at how to decide the right to have a baby.

Actually there is no absolute “right” time to try for conception nor any particular characteristic that makes you “right” for parenthood. The decision whether or not to have children and the judgment about the right time to try is an intensely personal one.

For those who wish to raise a child, judging emotional readiness often involves looking at these key points with your partner.

Parenthood is a greater responsibility. Hence, evaluate yourselves if you can handle that level of pressure.

Babies are not a tool for fixing relationships. So, do not have a baby to solve relationship problems. If your relationship is not working well postpone the idea of having a baby.

Having a baby brings a new equation between the couples that requires patience, compromise and adjustments. However, you must understand these changes and be ready to embrace it.

Do not go for a baby impulsively. You must be 100% sure before you have a baby. If one of you is still unsure, better postpone the idea.

Do not have a baby just please your parents or in-laws or keep their mouth shut or to fit in with your friends who are new moms and dads.

Your social life and work will have a serious hit after having a baby. Returning to work after having a baby may not be as easy as before. Discuss with your partner about this and be prepared for that.
Evaluate your financial state as having a baby is really expensive.

Talk to your parents, grandparents or elders about their experiences in raising a child or children. They can give you better guidance. If you are still confused and have some doubts, consult a good counselor.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr Anitha Mani
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