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How Can Embryo Freezing Help?

Date :22-Jun-2019

Infertility related issues have been skyrocketing in recent times, thanks to the fast-paced, distorted modern lifestyle. Stress, lack of discipline, healthy food, and physical exercises have all contributed to infertility in both the genders. Also, biologically women and men lose the quality of sperms with increasing age which however is not stopping them from conceiving at a later period of their lives due to their personal and professional commitments. So what’s the way out? How can one conceive in their late thirties without compromising on their life goals and still be able to bring a healthy child home? Embryo freezing is the answer. This is also known as fertility preservation and is done for women. 

It is a procedure where the fertile and embryo of a young woman is preserved for later use to conceive. Embryo freezing is an effective method to preserve fertility and can be done not only to conceive but also do donate, for medical research, or for other related purposes.

embryo freezing in cochin 

Success rates

The process of embryo freezing has a high success rate and women have good chances of delivering healthy babies too.

How long can embryos stay frozen?

Embryo if frozen correctly can remain in healthy condition for any length of time. If kept at the temperatures of around -321ºF, no biological or ageing process take place and the embryo stays intact.

Many successful pregnancies have been recorded where frozen eggs that were stored for up to 10 years were used. However, in many countries laws prevail that regulate the length of time of embryo storage. 

Who can benefit?

Embryo freezing can be done by any women at a younger age when she is fertile. But specifically, there are certain groups of people who can be immensely benefitted as follows:

  • people who have genetic disorders, affecting reproduction
  • People who have cancer and have to go through chemotherapies
  • People who are under medications that may affect fertility
  • Couples from the LGBT community who wish to have children
  • People who are advancing towards an advanced age for reproduction

embryo freezing in cochin

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