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Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate

Date :10-Mar-2019

IVF is the process by which the egg is fertilized outside the woman’s womb with the help of a sperm. The process is conducted in a clinic, using artificial temperature and chemicals. IVF is one such process that lets the women conceive. Once the egg is fertilized in the laboratory, the embryo is inserted into the woman’s vagina and the rest process goes on normally.

What are the factors that affect the IVF Success rate?

Although IVF is one of the best and advanced infertility treatments, there are certain limitations to the treatment. Following are the factors affecting IVF success rate:

• Age:

IVF is more powerful for women between the ages of 25 to 35. The success rate is almost 60 to 70%. Women above 40 are not recommended for this treatment. As women grow older, the quantity and quality of eggs get reduced.

• Previous pregnancy:

Women who already have conceived before has a greater success rate. Whereas women who have gone through several miscarriages often may have problems in conceiving through the IVF treatment.

• Fertility problems:

For couples who have common fertility problems like a blocked fallopian tube, endometriosis and low sperm counts and morphology can easily tackle the IVF treatment. For them IVF success rate is high. Whereas if couples have unusual or complicated fertility problems, IVF success rate will be low.

• Habits and lifestyle:

Fertilization is fully related to the lifestyle you have. Excessive smoking or drinking will reduce the success rate of IVF.

Best Fertility Clinic in Kerala

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