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How to tackle Infertility

Date :03-Dec-2019

The moment of becoming a mother is a celebration for women. It not only brings a bundle of joy in the couple’s life, but also brings in more responsibility from the father. Many women silently suffer, just because they do not conceive within a short span after marriage as expected by the relatives, in laws and the society in general. Men are not exempted, but generally are in a better position, but this causes a strain in the married life.

Infertility Treatment
The invent of ART (Artificial reproductive techniques) has made the life of  those women easier, who are denied the luxury of early marriage or early motherhood.

Understanding the problems by an infertility specialist is the first step towards addressing the issue of infertility. A simple test of semen analysis, where the number and motility of sperm is analysed can be used as a basic test in men. For women, a good evaluation can be made by internal scanning , which will pick up most of the problems related to uterus and ovary. Ideally the initial scan should be done by the fertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon, because they will be able to pick up subtle problems like adhesions between the organs.

If there are any medical conditions which is preventing pregnancy, couple would be educated  with the latest techniques available for achieving successful pregnancy. Dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, exercises and  stress reduction techniques are advised to the couple to improve fertility.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very commonly seen in the younger generation due to several factors, but working under stress is the main cause. Men often suffer psychologically due to erectile dysfunction without taking medical help, as they are not aware that it is a treatable medical condition.
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) has become very common in the girls (even as young as 11year old), due to improper dietary habits and lack of active life. This will make them prone to infertility in addition to the risk of obesity, acne and hirsuitism (excess hair growth). Time is precious, and PCOS should be treated as early as possible with life style modification. If they become sub fertile, medicines can help, but can result in repeated miscarriages, if egg quality is bad. A laparoscopic drilling of ovaries,  a non invasive surgery can be done to get rid of old unruptured eggs which will also stimulate ovaries to release fresh eggs and help in having a healthy baby. Proper evaluation for tubal blockage should be done to check for pelvic infections if any.
Couples who cannot conceive even after IUI (intra uterine Insemination) may have to go for ART ( artificial reproductive techniques) . They can try IVF or ICSI (done for men with reduced sperm count)  and there is even hope for men  without  sperm (azoospermia), in whose cases TESA/PESA   ( testicular aspiration) can be be performed. Last but not the least.

Sub fertility is something which needs a good evaluation and counseling and is not a disease which should be  treated at a regular hospital. Stress free environment, good ambiance, a caring and sensitive expert team of specialists , along with modern technology  will go a long way in helping to heal their wounds and for achieving a successful pregnancy.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr Anitha Mani
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