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IUI Or IVF? What To Choose?

Date :29-Dec-2018

Without a doubt, the greatest joy of every couple would be giving birth to their own little one. But some of them don't turn out to be that lucky. They face the biggest barrier of childbirth, infertility. A few decades back, it was a condition with minimal or no treatments at all and couples had to stay childless for their entire life. But times have changed and so has medical science. The progress medical science has achieved within a short period of time is quite commendable. In the area of fertility too, the aforementioned have been observed. Today, there are various treatments available for treating infertility, of which IUI (Intrauterine insemination) and IVF ( in vitro fertilization ) are the most popular.

iui procedure kochiCouples are always torn between choosing IUI and IVF. Are you confused as well? Well, then we need to clear your confusions through awareness. 

Here are the main differences between IUI and IVF treatments:

  • IVF Process is a step by step process. The first step is the stimulation of ovaries using fertility medications, then comes the egg retrieval followed by the embryo creation through incubation. Finally, the embryo is placed in the uterus. Whereas IUI includes only one procedure. In the IUI process, a sperm prepared beforehand is directly placed into the uterus whilst ovulation in order to facilitate fertilization. IUI procedure is less complex and physically demanding as IVF.
  • The risk of multiple pregnancies in IVF is much less as compared to IUI. The developments in IVF has reduced the possibilities. On or two embryos are only transferred during each IVF cycle. On the other hand, IUI does pose a risk of multiple pregnancies, even after carefully monitoring the follicles(so that a safe number are mature before the procedures).
  • Being specific about the success rates is not that simple. There are various factors that decide it depending upon the individual. But statistically speaking, IVF has more success rates than IUI. The success of IUI becomes vaguer as the women age.
  • If the very first cycle of IUI is successful, then it is the quickest method to conceive a child. But for older patients, especially for women above the age of 40 or the ones in their late 30s, IVF is recommended due to their success rates.
  • The cost of IUI treatment in India is less as compared to IVF. But considering the success rates, IVF could be more cost-effective depending on the patients.

ivf process keralaWhatever be the treatment, approaching the best team of doctors is a vital part of successful treatments. Visit GIFT-Gyno IVF Centre for the best IUI or IVF treatments in Kerala and Male Infertility Treatment in Kochi. Our team of proficient doctors will help you choose the perfect treatment for you. We will fulfil your biggest dream - conceiving your child.

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