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Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Fertility

Date :18-Jun-2019

Fertility has become a real concern for the majority of people worldwide. Thousands of people are not been able to bring their newborn home due to infertility. The numbers have skyrocketed in recent times due to the fast-paced modern lifestyle that incorporates not so healthy habits and choices. Several popular lifestyle choices are nowadays affecting the egg production, reproductive organs and sperm counts in both the genders to which the issues may concern. The issue is alarming and one should be aware of the lifestyle choices that may stop them from leading the happy family life that they have always dreamt of.

lifestyle and fertility

Lifestyle choices that affect fertility:

  • Smoking: Tobacco use has become very common amongst both men and women. People in large numbers are addicted to this life-threatening habit which contributes to infertility. Smoking accelerates the ageing process of the ovaries and reduces the number of healthy eggs produced in women. It affects fertility in men too by affecting the sperm quality.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Ovulation depletion, one of the major causes of infertility can be caused by heavy consumption of alcohol. If one wants to conceive, alcohol should and must be avoided.
  • Curb Caffeine: Caffeine intake over 200 milligrams a day can affect fertility in women to an unimaginable extent. Limiting caffeine intake can help preserve infertility.
  • Overexercise: Usually, other than hitting the gym, the fast lifestyle puts a lot of stress on our body. Knowingly or unknowingly, our physical activity doesn’t limit to a safe extent. Too much of physical activity inhibits ovulation and distorts the proper production of the female hormone estrogen, thereby affecting fertility.
  • Exposure to Toxins: The escalating pollution levels in the cities have exposed people to several chemicals that can affect fertility to an unmatched extent. Pollutants such as pesticides, lead, and dry cleaning solvents are known to be affecting fertility in both men and women.
  • Lack of Sleep and Stress: Lack of proper sleep gives rise to hormonal imbalances in the body. Both the genders are advised to sleep for at least 7 hours a day to stay healthy.


What can help?

There are several ways to keep adverse effects on fertility at bay. They are:

  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Lead a disciplined life
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid staying awake late
  • Prevent sexually transmitted infections
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit your physical activity 

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Blog reviewed by: Dr. Anita Mani
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