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Lifestyle Changes That Positively Affects Male Fertility

Date :23-Jan-2019

May it be men or women; the kind of lifestyle you lead says a lot about your physical health. Good lifestyle habits will not only help you to lead a stress-free healthy life but also increases fertility. In females, fertility issues are mostly caused by hormonal problems, organ structure, and irregular menstrual cycle and so on. In recent research, it has been found that men go through infertility issues mostly because of their poor lifestyle habit.

In India, about 8 out of 10 men are not conscious of their health. This happens mainly because of work and family pressure. The lifestyle you choose has a direct impact on your sperm quality and quantity. But don’t you worry! Below there are little lifestyle habits mentioned that can improve male fertility to a great extent.

What are the causes behind male infertility?

One of the major causes behind male infertility is smoking and alcohol intake. Both of them minimizes the quantity of sperm produced and has direct impact on the quality of sperms.

Bad food habits such as too much oily food, lack of veggies in your meal, overcooked food lead to weight gain. Over-weight is one of the major reasons behind male infertility.

Other important causes may include pollution, stress in any form, depression, anxiety, obesity, deficiency in vitamin intake and so on...

What initiative can you take from your behalf?

If there are medical reasons behind infertility, it’s not in our hand, but infertility is caused due to lifestyle habit issues, one can easily change them.

  • Exercise and workout help to maintain weight, hence fertility will increase.
  • A big NO to smoking, alcohol and other drugs!
  • Reduction of stress is very important. One should join yoga classes and spend more time with family and friends to remain stress-free.
  • Eat more veggies than animal protein and try to have more vitamin intake through your meals. Maintaining a proper healthy diet is very important!
  • One needs to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep so that the body gets rest. Too much of work affect the sperm quality.


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