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  1. Azoospermia - Absence of sperm due to incorrectable causes.
  2. Severe oligo astheno Teratospermia - Abnormality in sperms, where ICSI treatment fails or when couples do not want ICSI.
  3. Inheritable genetic problems - To avoid genetic problems which cause disease in children.
  4. Medical Problems - Where semen/sperm is not obtained due to medical illness or chemotherapy.
  5. Lesbian/Single women - When women chooses to have child without a male partner/marriage.

Screening of Donor:-

Donor undergoes detailed medical examination and also several blood tests are also done to rule out infections like HIV, hepatitis B&C, Syphilis etc. Physical features like height, color, built etc are noted in additions to qualifications and profession. The investigations are repeated after 6months quarantine period before the frozen sample is used for donation.

Donor Bank:-

Frozen semen samples are stored in the donor bank after all the formalities are completed. The samples from each individual are donated only upto 10times as our policy to achieve donor pregnancy.
We have a policy of maintaining a healthy gene pool by choosing mainly from students of professional colleges.

High profile donor Banking:-

We also offer high profile (eg:- doctors, engineers, professionals/tall/fair) donors for specific requests.


Color and physical features are matched before procedure by doctors, so the child will look similar to parents.Dark colored child to fair couple or fair child to dark couple can be socially embarrassing and demoralising.

Legal Procedure:-

Consent forms are an essential request before the procedure. Husband and wife needs to sign those consent forms. Donor insemination will not be done without consent.

Screening of Recepient:-

Meticulous screening done for recepient also. Medical examination, counseling and blood tests to rule out HIV, HBsAg, VDRL etc are done for both partners before Donor sperm insemination.

USS is done to rule out pelvic pathology. Tube test may be required, especially if D IUI fails.


There are two methods
  1. Donor sperm IUI
  2. Donor sperm IVF

1) Donor sperm IUI:-

Thawed sample after all the above matching of screening is selected for Intra Uterine Insemination during ovulation period. Medications or injections may be required after which follicular study is done to find suitable timing. After IUI, pregnancy test is done after 2weeks.

Several month's repetition may be required in some women, to achieve pregnancy.

Generally in healthy young women, just 1, 2 or 3cycles might be sufficient. IUI is done 2 times to improve success, during same cycle on consecutive days. Medicines for Luteal support may be given to improve success.

2) Donor IVF/ICSI:-

In women with tubal block, IVF is done with donor sample.

In women undergoing ICSI with husband's sperm, may choose to use donor sperm for 50% of eggs in case of failure of own embryos.

The procedure is same as IVF/ICSI and consent forms needs to filled in this case also.


Depends on the health of the female recepient. Healthy young women, has high success upto 40-60% within 3 cycles, if both tubes are patent.

Laparoscopy can be done to improve chances, in cases of diseased tubes/ovary.


The Hospital will keep the procedure confidential. All the staffs has taken the Oath to confidence, and are aware that any failure will result in imprisonment. Doctors are the only people who will ever know the identity and it is not revealed either to recepient or the donor.

Authored by Dr. Anitha Mani - Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon