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Dr. Anitha Mani

Dr. Anita Mani

(MRCOG , Infertility specialist , Laparoscopic surgeon)

Director Gyno Speciality Hospital
Director GIFT IVF Center
Director SATYA (Swarthy Ayurveda Treatment, Yoga and Agriculture)


She is trained in various centers in U.K for 5 years. You will find that, she will evaluate your problems systematically and scientifically and will reassure you and offer the best treatment options. An has done more than 5000 Laparoscopi surgeries without a single case ofcomplication or mortality.Several patients visit her for second opinion regarding surgical procedures, which are unwanted but advocated by other physicians.

Professional skills and strenghths

  • ART procedures
    IUI, IVF, ICSI, Donor egg IVF, ovarian stimulation , follicular study, Oocyte retrieval, Embryo transfer, luteal
    support planning .
  • Ultrasonography in ART practise and obstetrics
  • Advanced hysteroscopy & laparoscopic surgery - Ovarian cystectomy, Ovariandrilling, Endometrial ablation ,
    Hysterectomy etc
  • Gynaecological procedures - colposcopy , leep / lletz, TVT, vaginal repairs, vaginal hysterectomy, uterine ablation ,
    sterilisations, Termination of pregnancy HSG, SSG
  • Obstertics- vaginal delivery , instrumental delivery , Caesarian sections , amniocentesis, Managment PPH, shoulder
    dystocia, breech delivery, twin delivery, Caesarian hysterectomy etc
  • Stem cell Therapy
  • fertility center

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