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Sexual disorders (female)


The inability to penetrate the vagina due to contraction of vaginal muscles can be painful for both the partners.It is fairly common in the newly married couple. It usually corrects within couple of months, but in some women, the hymen is very thick and does not give away.

Procedure called fentons surgery/G.A is done, to correct the problem. There are women, who have not had sexual intercourse even after 20 years, due to the fear as this vaginismus often has a psychological component also.


Reduction in libido and lack of lubrication can be due to conditions like PCOS. Emotional distancing due to marital problems can also cause this.

Some women have extreme problem of this spectrum. They are completely devoid of desire and are unable to achieve lubrication, penetration or orgasm.

Medically, hormonal correction will help in increasing libido and lubrication.

Sex education with correct information, regarding stimulation will help in orgasm, as men are often unaware about the physiological difference.

Open communication in between couple and counseling can help these couples.

Techniques described by masters and Johnson can be used for frigidity.

Dyspareunia (painful Intercourse)

Apart from vaginismus, deep pain during intercourse can be due to pathological problems like endometriosis, PID (pelvic infections). Appropriate medical/surgical treatment can correct this. Laparoscopic cauterisation for endometriosis is helpful to stop pain due to endometriosis.

General management

Maintaining healthy life style with diet rich in fruits, vegetables and regular exercise will help with metabolism.

Obesity, often leading to diabetes and vascular diseases reduces the fertility.

  • Diabetics properly treated will have improved sexual function.
  • Psychological problems can be solved with proper counseling.
  • Reduction of stress, avoiding heavy work load and excessive strenuous exercise will help.
  • Have a good laugh, humour has proven to improve vascularity and thus sexual function.
  • Avoid unprotected intercourse with unknown partners, as it can cause STD.

Authored by Dr. Anitha Mani - Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

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