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General measures For male fertility

General measures to improve male fertility
Increase in fruits, vegetables and nuts, will provide sufficient vitamins which are vital in fertility.

pre workout foodWatermelon
pre workout foodTomato
pre workout foodNuts
pre workout foodCitrus Fruits

Watermelon and tomato contains lycopene which is a main ingredient in medicines for semen improvement. Citrus fruits are rich in vit.C, which is needed for sperm function like motility. Nuts rich in vit.E should be regularly consumed in small quantity (3-5 daily). Salads will provide all vitamins and minerals for improving health in many ways , it improves semen parameters increases genral health, improves circulation , gives better immunity and avoids diabetes and high B.P.

Diet and exercise together will help in maintaining weight and proper blood circulation.
Erection is maintained only by pooling of blood in penis.
Extreme heat and travelling long distance should be avoided. Proper hydration is necessary with 4 liters of water daily. Swimming will help in reducing temperature and is a form of hydrotherapy.

pre workout food

fat loss diet

Wearing loose cotton clothes helps in reducing scrotal temperature and helps sperm motility.

Smoking and alcohol
Stopping smoking and alcohol consumption has huge advantages.

drinking and smoking is injurious to health
drinking and smoking is injurious to health

Stress & Strain
Reduction of stress, avoiding heavy work load and excessive strenuous exercise will help.

drinking and smoking is injurious to health

Have a good laugh, humour has proven to improve vascularity and thus sexual function.


Avoid abstaining for prolonged periods, as more prostatic infections noted leading to liquefaction problem in semen.
Avoid unprotected intercourse with unknown partners, as it can cause STD.

Causes for increase in MaleSubfertilty

Studies show drastic reduction in the quality of sperms in Semen Analysis, with increase in abnormal sperms.

  • Weather - hot decreases count. example gulf, cooks, drivers etc.
  • Atmosphere pollution - cities are highly polluted. 
  • Alcohol, smoking, drugs 
  • Diet - High sugar, , High cholesterol, low blood flow etc. influence semen analysis  
  • Deficiency of vitamins, minerals, trace elements
    which are available fresh vegetables/fruits only.
  • Cooked food looses most of its vitamins. 
  • Sea food rich in minerals and trace elements.  
  • Exercise/mobility- reduced so much that blood circulation is reduced. 
  • Driving/sitting long time (office, film, computer.etc)
  • Chemicals - eg : paint in furnishing, soap, fertilizers, perfumes, shampoo, preservatives, colorants etc. All contain chemicals (all going into food chain)which can cause abnormal sperm, increase miscarriages.
  • Promuscity- Multiple sex Partners in early life causes STD (sexually transmitted disease).  
  • Abstaining for long periods - In separation of couples due to jobs, late hours or night duties, the frequency of intercourse is reduced. This causes reduced motility, prostrate infection increases. There is decrease in sperm production due to hormone reduction.


Authored by Dr. Anitha Mani - Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

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