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T.M. Midhun

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T.M. Midhun

T.M. Midhun

M.Sc (Psychology), MSW, CMLD

Department : PSYCHOLOGY

Specialisation : Sex Therapy

Mr. T. M. Midhun serves as a part-time sexual medicine counselor at our facility, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise in sexual medicine therapy to his practice. His counseling approach is highly inclusive, catering to individuals of all genders and orientations with comfort and ease.

In his sessions, Mr. Midhun provides detailed descriptions and thorough sexual education, employing international scoring systems to assess levels of distress and sexual dysfunctions. He offers a range of therapeutic interventions, including sensate focus therapy, vaginal containment, and squeeze techniques specifically tailored for premature ejaculation. Additionally, he provides detailed guidance on sexual positions, particularly beneficial for patients with physical limitations.

A specialist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Mr. Midhun dedicates ample time to each counseling session, typically lasting between 1 to 1.5 hours. This extended duration allows patients to express themselves freely without feeling rushed, contributing to a more comprehensive therapeutic experience.

Mr. Midhun also utilizes advanced techniques such as hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions to effectively manage patients' anxiety, enhancing the overall efficacy of his sessions. Moreover, the availability of both offline and online consultations ensures accessibility to holistic treatment approaches for patients worldwide, regardless of their location.

Overall, Mr. T. M. Midhun's expertise, tailored approach, and dedication to patient comfort make him a valuable asset in providing comprehensive sexual medicine counseling and therapy.