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Dominic Ralph

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Dominic Ralph

Dominic Ralph

M.A(Psychology), M.Sc (Yoga), M.C.A, DAP

Department : PSYCHOLOGY

Specialisation : Conselling, Alternative Therapy, Martial Arts

Mr. Dominic Ralph is a full-time counselor at the Gift IVF Center and Gyno Speciality Hospital Athani, extending his services to their branch in Ernakulam city. With a background in psychology and additional qualifications in yoga, alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki, and pranic healing, as well as physical training and martial arts, Dominic offers a unique blend of skills to address a variety of patient needs.

His diverse expertise allows him to integrate psychological counseling with physical training, particularly beneficial for patients dealing with sexual dysfunctions, infertility, and PCOS, which often have overlapping psychological and physical aspects. Dominic also provides training in abdominal breathing techniques and meditation, which are valuable for managing anxiety disorders commonly associated with these conditions.

In his role, Dominic conducts personalized consultations that include physical training tailored to each patient's requirements. This may involve pelvic floor exercises to enhance pelvic vascularity, specific yoga asanas for conditions like varicocele or erectile dysfunction, and exercises aimed at improving sexual performance, semen quality, flexibility, stamina, and pelvic pain.

Dominic's counseling sessions typically span one to two hours, allowing ample time for thorough discussions and coordination with the medical team. His empathetic and non-judgmental approach fosters an environment where patients feel comfortable opening up about their concerns.

Beyond individual patient care, Dominic plays a significant role as the coordinator for public education programs conducted by the hospital, where he develops educational materials and protocols. His knowledge extends not only to modern therapeutic techniques like CBT, Imago therapy, and hypnosis but also draws from ancient texts such as the Kamasutra and tantric and Chinese sexual medicine manuals, enriching his approach with diverse therapeutic insights.

Currently pursuing further studies in sexual medicine, Dominic is committed to advancing research in the field and continuously improving patient care through his multidimensional approach to counseling and therapy.