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Thancy Muhammad

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Thancy Muhammad

Thancy Muhammad

M.A (Psychology), PGDPC

Department : PSYCHOLOGY

Specialisation :

Ms. Thancy Muhammad plays a crucial role as a sexual counselor at our facility, bringing a wealth of qualifications and experience in psychology to her practice. Her approach involves comprehensive assessments of couples, with a particular focus on the female partner's issues. This assessment includes coordinating with medical teams for necessary lab tests, scans, and further investigations to establish a diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is established, Ms. Thancy takes charge of detailed counseling sessions, prioritizing patient confidentiality and privacy throughout. She employs various therapeutic approaches tailored to each individual's needs, including sex education and specialized counseling for conditions such as PCOS. Cognitive behavioral therapy, along with lifestyle modifications encompassing diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene, are integral parts of her treatment strategies.

Ms. Thancy's presence as a female sexual counselor holds cultural significance, particularly in Indian communities where patients often find her approach comforting and culturally appropriate. Her sharp perception enables her to uncover hidden issues, while her empathetic demeanor ensures patients receive compassionate care. Ultimately, Ms. Thancy is noted for providing intelligent solutions and valuable guidance to her patients, contributing significantly to their overall well-being and sexual health.